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Download the procedure in PDF format

Procedure to submit a Job Market Poster

Step 1: Create a Scienceconf account (if you already have one go directly to step 2)

  • Click on Create an account
  • You will immediately receive an email to validate your Sciencesconf account.
  • Once validated, your account is ready for use.

Step 2: Submit a poster

  • Enter your Login and Password on the top-right part of the website page.
  • Click on Submit in the menu to open the New Submission page.
  • Click on Submit a paper.

Proceed in four steps:

1. Metadata


Enter the title of your Job Market Poster.
Enter the abstract of your poster.
Select Poster.
Select the topic “Job market Poster Session” only. Do not add any other topic.

2. Authors(s) To change author information click on the pencil situated on the right under "ACTION".
To change affiliation information, point your mouse in the author line and click on Edit.
3. File(s) Only ONE file including CV and others information on your poster.
4. Overview Click on Submit to finish.
Click on the PDF icon to view the submitted file.

Step 3: Check the confirmation email and declare your AFSE membership status

After having completed your submission on the website, you will receive a confirmation email.

Proceed the final step:

  • Check the confirmation email and note the number of your submission.
  • Answer the AFSE survey (included in the email) to confirm your AFSE membership status.

If you have submitted your poster without having yet paid your 2017 Membership fees, you will benefit of a delay of 7 days worked to complete the membership process. Being a member of the French Economic Association allows you to have your submission handled first by the scientific committee and to register to the conference at a preferential rate.

Also, remember that Participants can both submit a paper for oral presentation and submit a Job Market Poster. Basically, PhD Students and Post-Doc Researchers, who will be on the job market during the academic year 2017-2018, are encouraged to do you to increase their visibility during the Congress.

For any question please contact the Local Organizing Committee: